Notify your loved ones about the location of your Will

Let your loved ones know that your Will is safely stored and ready for them once needed. Notifying loved ones give you the chance to have peace of mind knowing that your Will shall be found and kept in perfect condition ready for your family to inherit and receive any gifts left from yourself.

Why should you notify your loved ones?

Letting at least one family member or close relative/friend means that once you pass away, your family will be able to locate your Will easier.
This means they can have the time they need to grieve and mourn instead of trying to locate your estate details and your Will.

Our notification service

If you have used one of our services such as storing your Will with the National Will Archive either physically or using our online storage service, then we also offer a free notification service.
This means we can send your loved ones a notification via email letting them know you have stored your Will with us. This means they will be able to find it once you have passed away.

Who should you tell and why?

You need to make sure that you tell someone you trust, this can be anyone of your choosing, As long as you are confident that notifying this person will guarantee that your Will would be located.

The dangers of telling people you do not trust

Hearing about loved ones tampering and attempting to damage the Wills of their families doesn't quite sound believable. However, there are people out there who could possibly feel left out of your Will or they could just be curious about the contents of the Will.

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